Intended to be utilized in both the educating and research lab, this adding machine (see beneath) can be used to perform weakening variable figurings. At the point when a concentrated arrangement is reduced, the weakening component might be communicated as the proportion of the centralization of a stock answer for the convergence of the weakened mechanism.


The weakening element may likewise be described as the proportion of the volume of the last, vulnerable reply for the underlying amount expelled from the stock arrangement. See underneath for the weakening element condition.


For instance, if 100 mL of a stock arrangement is weakened with dissolvable/diluent to aggregate, the last volume of 1000 mL, the subsequent weakening element, is 10. For this specific weakening, it might likewise be said that the stock arrangement was weakened 10-overlap. As another model, a 2-overlap weakening is equivalent to a weakening element of 2. In this manner, decreasing by any factor X is equal to X-crease weakening.


If it’s not too much trouble, note that the weakening component adding machine beneath utilizes the metric unit for volume (fL, PL, NL, μL, mL, and L). If you wish to change over these units to other volume units if you don’t mind utilize our Unit Conversion Calculator.

Other weakening variable number crunchers are likewise accessible and are fit to increasingly particular applications (see here).


Weakening component condition – no unit


Standard Dilution Equation


Standard Dilution Factor Equation


Condition for Dilution Factor – No Unit


Weakening Factor is the factor by which the stock arrangement is reduced. It might be communicated as the proportion of the volume of the last, weakened mechanism (V2) to the underlying amount expelled from the stock arrangement (V1), has appeared in the condition above. Weakening components may likewise be communicated as the proportion of the grouping of stock arrangement (C1) to the convergence of the weakened mechanism (C2).


Volume from Stock Solution (V1) is the volume to be evacuated (i.e., aliquoted) from the concentrated stock arrangement of standard deviation calculator for free.


Last Solution Volume (V2) is the latest volume of the weakened arrangement. This is the volume that outcomes after the amount from the stock arrangement (V1) have been reduced with dissolvable or diluent to accomplish a total weakened capacity of the latter method (V2).


Kindly note that the previous amount alludes to the overall arrangement volume, which is the joined volume of the stock arrangement and the size of dissolvable/diluent utilized for weakening.

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