Did you start vaping or are you going to do it soon? So it’s quite possible that you’re having doubts when watching all the news that has linked vaping with respiratory diseases that have even killed some users in the US.

The truth is that if you vape responsily and consume legal products, this will not happen to you as those cases were linked to smuggled products, adulterated. In addition, very harmful chemical elements that do not exist in legal products were included in its manufacture.

However, it is very reasonable that you seek scientific evidence regarding vaping safety, so we have collected 5 essential data demonstrating the safety of vaping. However, as long as it is legal products.

1. Nicotine does not cause cancer

Many of the cancer-causing chemicals are caused by sucking smoke, whether it’s from tobacco combustion or any other combustion. If you’re a smoker, opting to vape will greatly reduce your risk of getting cancer, as you’ll get nicotine, which doesn’t cause cancer, without having to suck in smoke.

2. Vaping with legal products does not cause lung diseases like the U.S.

The safety of many of the chemicals in vaping cartridges is often unknown. Legal manufacturers must register their products with the FDA, the U.S. government agency, responsible for regulating food, medicines, cosmetics and biological products.

In other countries where they are distributed, they must declare this good to similar authorities, including a detailed list of ingredients and most chemicals are generally considered safe for consumption, including propylene glycol and vegetable glycerol.

3. There is no “passive vaper” unlike cigarettes

There is no “second-hand vapour”, as is the case with the “secondhand smoke” of cigarettes, because there is no constant vapor emission from the device and because when inhaling and exhaling the steam the substances that remain in the air and could be sucked in by third parties are almost non-existent, so vaping in a “passive” way does not really exist.

4. Vaping is 95% safer than smoking cigarettes

Public Health England (PHE) has said vaping devices are 95 percent safer than cigarette smoking, but less than half of smokers are aware of this fact.To show that vaping is much healthier than smoking, PHE released a video demonstrating how tar and other toxic components in cigarette smoke are housed in the lungs of an average smoker, which is not the case with vaping, precisely because there is no combustion or smoke in the vapour being sucked in.

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