custom neon signs

Custom Neon Signs For Sale

There are several different types of custom signs for sale today, from the larger ones that can house a dozen or more messages, to smaller custom signs that only need one or two items to work well. Each style of sign has its own unique specifications that help them function better for the purpose of displaying your business. Whether it be a smaller custom neon display for personal use or an outdoor commercial project, the message is the same – the larger the size, the better the visibility. The dimensions of your custom sign will work best with your company’s specific product or service to determine which size will be best. Some of these basic sign specifications will help you in quoting your unique custom neon signage for your company’s specific needs:

* The location of your specific message is a consideration when measuring the size of your custom signs for sale. The best way to do this is to take measurements of your walls, doors, windows and other surfaces. This will help determine the location of your sign, as well as the width. Also keep in mind if the wall or surface will be exposed to direct light. If so, make sure the sign is clear and free of shadows. You may also want to consider the position of traffic flow to help determine the size of your custom signs. The best signs to fit into these areas are those that are placed on a wall or window, as the visibility is lessened.

* Size is important, especially when it comes to neon signs for sale. Most neon signs are available in standard sizes of twenty-five feet or more. If you want to customize or change the signs to match your business, this is possible, but larger signs are usually easier to fit into a space. Also keep in mind if you are going to be moving the signs because of their size or placement, as they may not be able to move in place if their current location has no access to wiring.