Global Lateral Flow Assessment, a leading manufacturer of laboratory and clinical testing instruments and analysis systems, has been named as one of the Top 10 Lateral Flow Assessment Manufacturers by the Lateral Flow Association (LFA). This prestigious company is part of the global Lateral Flow International Inc., which is the only publicly traded company specializing in Lateral Flow Analysis and testing equipment.

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Global Lateral Flow Assessment, Inc. is also recognized as the leading global producer and marketer of lateral flow assay manufacturer Laboratory Assessments, Lateral Flows and Lab Analyzers. The company is known for its innovation and technology, which are used in the production and delivery of state-of-the-art, high quality lab tests and analysis equipment.

The LateralFlow Assays manufactured by the company are made of high quality polymeric film, which is easily applied to almost any kind of test specimen. The film material is usually made from polypropylene or polyurethane material.

The laboratory analysis tests and measurement instruments are designed to detect and evaluate the characteristics of biological samples and other biological components in a controlled and reproducible environment. The products are used in laboratories all over the world for various clinical, pre-clinical and diagnostic purposes.

The company produces a wide range of Lab Assessments, Diagnostic Equipment and Laboratory Analyzers, that are highly functional and offer a variety of applications. These include, DNA analysis, Blood Bank Tests, Ultrasound and Electron Microscopy, Blood Chemistry tests, Radioimmunoassay, Ion Channels, Spectroscopic methods and Mass Spectrometry, to name a few. The products also include various testing devices such as laboratory thermometers, laboratory scales, lab analyzers, spectrophotometers and other laboratory apparatus.

Another major component in the company’s portfolio is its line of laboratory testing equipment, which includes high performance computerized devices, such as computers and high precision instrumentation such as microprocessor controlled analyzers. Other parts of the product line include calibration kits, reagents and consumables.

The products manufactured by the company are used in a variety of applications ranging from Medical Testing, Analytical Laboratory Equipment Manufacture to Clinical and Pre-Clinical Research. The Company also designs and manufactures various test tubes such as analytical vials, reagents and consumable reagent solutions. They also manufacture the consumable reagent solution used in the analytical method, such as the reagent solution for ion mobility phase ionization, electrospray ionization, and ultraviolet light and plasma phase detection.

LateralFlow International is the leading Laboratory Assessments, Diagnostic Equipment and Laboratory Analysis Manufacturer in North America. The Company was originally founded by Dr. Peter C. G. Cahn and John G. B. Raffin, who received their doctorates in Chemistry at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, in 1967.

The company’s products are widely used by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the design of Laboratory Testing, Diagnostic Equipment and Laboratory Analyzers, which include the analysis of drugs, chemicals and medical samples. The products are used in a variety of applications including blood chemistry and clinical chemistry tests, as well as many other diagnostic tools and products.

Lateral Flow International has an extensive inventory of Laboratory Testing, Diagnostic Equipment, Diagnostic Laboratory Equipment and Laboratory Analyzers that can meet all of your testing needs. Whether you need a single or multiple-user device, we carry a broad range of equipment that meets your needs. In addition, we have an extensive inventory of consumable reagents that ensure the reliability of our products.

Our products are manufactured in a controlled environment in accordance with FDA regulations. Most of our tested laboratory testing supplies are certified to be 99% effective and provide consistent results. We also have a complete line of consumable reagents. We offer a full spectrum of Diagnostic Laboratory Equipment, including Analytical Laboratories, Ion mobility phase ionization and Ultrasound and Electron Microscopy Equipment, Magnetic Field Imaging equipment.

Our Laboratory Testing and Diagnostic Equipment offers high standards of safety and reliability. All of our equipment is certified to be precise and accurate, providing results quickly and efficiently. Most of our equipment products have been tested and are approved by international laboratories to assure you of top quality results.

When it comes to Laboratory Testing, Diagnostic Equipment, Diagnostic Laboratory Testing Equipment and Laboratory Analyzers, Lateral Flow International is one of the leading manufacturers of quality solutions. Our equipment is designed to meet the needs of professional and private laboratory users across the United States and internationally. Our laboratory testing and diagnostics are used in medical research and education settings for the purpose of medical diagnosis, clinical research, DNA analysis and other types of medical testing.

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