Desert Camping is one of the most exciting adventures to carry with your friends and family. The beauty of the desert is not natural to beat; however, the fact is: it’s a hostile and somewhat unwelcoming environment that isn’t to be dismissed. If you are not attentive, you might wind up sick, sick, or even worse.


Tips For Camping in a Desert for Beginners

Carry Lots of Water

This bit of advice may seem obvious. However, I cannot stress enough; bringing lots of water is essential to your well-being from the desert. Set a lot of water bottles from your backpack. Considering that the daytime temperatures are more inclined to be very high and there are very few opportunities to accumulate water, travel or camping without even bringing plenty of water from the desert will probably leave you dangerously dehydrated.

Necessary Camping Gear

This will surprise you, but only because the desert might be hot during the day does not indicate it is going to remain that way throughout the evening. Packing additional layers of long-sleeve clothes to sleep and a warm sleeping bag can go a long way keep you comfy during the night. Don’t forget to take a good quality tent for camping in a desert. Learn more about some good quality desert tents on

camping in a desert

Place your Tent in a Nice Location

Since the level of the sunlight is an issue, if at all possible, put your tent at a shaded place. Another thing to think about is the building of your shelter. Possessing an opaque fly using a lighter shade floor will help prevent generating extra heat within the tent.

Avoid Sun in the Desert at Mid Day

Sometimes, the sun will probably be reduced in the skies, which means you will experience less heat fatigue. And do not forget to heap on the sunscreen from dawn to sunset so that you do not wind up getting embarrassing burns, which may harm your skin.

Beware of Wild Life in a Desert

Avoid startling or provoking creatures while spending some time at the desert, and be particularly cautious of scorpions, spiders, or poisonous snakes –either of which may harm you

GPS for Camping

Perhaps you typically use your smartphone GPS for navigation, but keep in mind: You might not get mobile service at the center of this desert.

Bottom Line

While that picture of the desert could be accurate, it is far from complete. At least for people who have seen dawn in the desert, since the sun’s first rays start to decrease the night chill and paint the bare landscape with colors that change apparently by the minute.

Or who’s climbed a desert summit to be rewarded with a 360-degree perspective of a richly empty universe, leaving you feeling like you had been transported to a different world.

Or stumbled into an expansive aroma of wildflowers, their colors magnified from the endless pale desert backdrop upon which they blossom.

The desert could be a property of intense contradictions–unpleasant but beautiful, stifling hot to downright chilly, bone followed by a flash flood, and bare but teeming with life. That is just one of the Things Which makes it an exciting place to See


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